Additionally bookable services

Shoelace service

Show your customer a special appreciation and book our shoelace service in addition to the shoe care.

If necessary, the laces will be changed during the shoe care.

This service is of course free of charge for the customer.

We only use high-quality laces from brand-name companies.

Newspaper and Magazine Service

For an additional charge, we bring along the latest daily newspapers and magazines, which the customer can read free of charge during the shoe care.

The daily newspapers and magazines are selected and brought along after prior consultation.

It is also possible to hand over an advertising newspaper of your company, which is already available or which we have specially created for you.

We are happy to help with the implementation.


The shoe shine stand and the seating area for the shoe shiner can also be fitted with advertising / branding.

The stage platform can be branded/advertised to a maximum length of 280 cm and a maximum height of 30 cm. (Approx. 80 cm at the front and approx. 100 cm at each side, height approx. 30 cm).

Branding / advertising of a maximum length of 175 cm and a height of 15 cm (approx. 25 cm at the front and approx. 75 cm at each side, height approx. 15 cm) can be applied to the seat for the shoe shiner.

The advertising / branding consists of a fabric sheet / truck tarpaulin for the stage platform with a length of approx. 360 cm and a height of approx. 30 cm.

For the shoeshine seat approx. 200 cm long and approx. 15 cm high.

The advertising / branding is stretched around the stage platform / shoe shiner seat and fixed at the back with a Velcro fastener.

We have the advertising / branding made for you. You provide us with the required data / files.