Care tips from a professional

Here we give you some valuable tips on how to care for your shoes.

The right storage

Your shoes will stay in shape longer if you use matching shoe trees after wearing them.
Positive side effect: shoe trees made of wood (e.g. cedar or beech wood) absorb moisture. Shoes that are not worn for a longer period of time are best spent resting cleaned, cared for and stretched in a cloth bag so that they can breathe.


Only one thing helps against the ugly walking creases on leather shoes:
Regularly pull the shoes onto shoe trees so that the leather is tightened.
Appropriate shoe care also guarantees that the leather does not become too brittle and remains supple.

Stains, snow and water marks

The so-called snow marks are not only caused by road salt, but mostly by tanning salts and minerals from the leather itself.
For smooth leather shoes, wash the entire shoe with a damp cloth, soaking the cloth in warm water.
Do not put the shoes under the heating to dry, but stuff them with newspaper.
If water marks remain on the shoes, you can simply rub them off with a raw onion.

Damp shoes

Damp shoes are best stuffed with newspaper or placed on a cedar shoetree and left to dry slowly at room temperature.
Do not place the shoes on or directly next to the heating, otherwise the leather can become brittle.


You should treat new smooth leather, suede and textile shoes with a waterproofing spray before wearing them.
This protects them better against moisture and dirt and makes them easier to clean.

Textile shoe care

Before wearing your textile shoes for the first time, impregnate them thoroughly with a "wet stop".
Light soiling can be removed gently with a textile brush.
For heavier soiling, we recommend gentle foam cleaners that do not attack the colour or material..

Important: Textile shoes do not belong in the washing machine!

Patent leather care

Wiping with a damp cloth or sponge is usually sufficient for cleaning.
From time to time, however, you should care for patent leather with a special patent leather oil or a patent leather lotion.
These preparations protect the patent leather from drying out and keep it supple.
Impregnation is not necessary.

Suede and nubuck

Clean suede shoes with a rubber or crepe brush.
You can treat stains and shiny spots carefully with sandpaper or stain eraser.
For larger stains, use a special washing emulsion.
After drying, spray the shoes with a waterproofing spray to maintain the suppleness of the leather.

Important: Only use wax-free care products to care for your suede or nubuck leather shoes.

Smooth leather - Care

First remove the dirt with a brush.
Then treat the shoes with a colour-matching emulsion cream.
If you care for your shoes with colourless cream, they may fade over time because colour pigments are missing.
Nevertheless, we recommend that you care for shoes with white seams with colourless cream.
Use a soft brush or cloth to apply it.
After drying, simply polish with a soft cloth or a suitable brush.

Clean shoes first, then care for them

As a general rule:

Never apply shoe polish to a dirty shoe.
The dirt prevents the penetration of the caring cream, the leather dries out and becomes brittle.

Therefore, first clean the shoes thoroughly:

Carefully remove the coarsest dirt with a brush, rinse the shoes with a little lukewarm water.

Caution: Not all types of leather tolerate water.

It is best to try it out on an invisible spot.
Stuff the shoes with some newspaper and let them dry.
Then apply a shoe polish, let it soak in and polish with a soft cloth or polishing brush.