Information about the event

Of course, there is a lot of important information or questions about an event with the Shoeshine Man. Here you will find information on set-up and dismantling, how to get there, what we bring. If you have any further questions, simply send us a message via our contact form or request a non-binding offer right away.

What does the shoeshine boy bring?

  • Carpet with the approx. dimensions: 90 cm x 70 cm for underlay for the shoe shine chair.
  • Carpet with the dimensions: 220 cm x 150 cm for the base of the shoe shine chair.
  • Stage platform for the shoe shine chair with the dimensions: Depth 100 cm, width 80 cm and height 30 cm.
  • Seat pedestal for the shoe shine chair with the approx. dimensions: Depth 75 cm, width 25 cm and height 40 cm with leather covered seat.
  • A shoeshine chair for the customer with the approximate dimensions: Depth 70 cm, width 102 cm and height 102 cm / seat height 52 cm, seat depth 50 cm and seat width also 50 cm.
  • The complete chair is made of wood and the seat and backrest are covered with leather.
  • Two decorative cupboards for shoe polish, decorative items and the gramophone.
  • A gramophone for decorative purposes the approx. dimensions are Korpuss 37 cm x 37 cm and the brass funnel has an approx. diameter of 38 cm. (not ready to play)
  • various decorative items
  • A roll up with the skyline of New York (can be left out if required)
  • High-quality polishing and dirt brushes
  • High-quality polishing cloths
  • Premium shoe care products from Melvo (Woly / Salamander)

What is the space requirement of the shoe shiner?

Space requirement with all decorative elements

In order for the shoe shiner(s) to be able to present themselves optimally, they need a space of 220 cm x 200 cm per shoe shine stand.

Space requirement with fewer decorative elements

Here, a space of 220 cm x 150 cm is required. This variant lacks a decorative cupboard and the gramophone.

Assembling and dismantling the shoe polisher

Before the set-up:

The organiser undertakes to clarify all circumstances prior to the event and to inform the shoeshine man. (Access routes, which floor, access cards, admission tickets, entry permits, special parking rights, etc.).


Set-up generally takes place shortly before the start of the event. If this is not possible or if the client wishes an earlier set-up, the start of the event shall be counted from the requested time of set-up. The client shall pay the full amount of the additional hours incurred as a result, in accordance with the hourly rate in the service contract.


Dismantling shall take place immediately after the end of the event in accordance with the service contract.
If immediate dismantling is not possible, the contractual partner shall pay the hourly rate according to the service contract until possible dismantling / leaving of the exhibition hall, etc.

Travel costs for the shoe shiner

  • You can book the shoe shiner nationwide and worldwide.
  • The travel costs are always calculated individually for each artist.
  • The basis of calculation here is the company headquarters in Krefeld.
  • Calculation as follows: Krefeld - venue - Krefeld
  • 0,40 Euro net per kilometre driven.
  • If the shoeshine artist is booked outside Germany, additional costs may be incurred. (Visa fees, flight, toll or other fees).