Questions and answers

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you click on the question, you will get the answer.

  • What does the shoeshine boy bring to my business?
    • the shoeshine boy arouses the customer's curiosity about your company
    • the attraction at trade fairs / events, thus optimal acquisition of new customers
    • the shoe shiner conveys your company philosophy during shoe care
    • with the shoe shiner you always leave a shining impression
    • a lasting and positive impression of your company
  • Where does the shoe shiner go and how much does it cost?
    • You can book the shoe shiner nationwide and worldwide.
    • The travel costs are always calculated individually for each artist.
    • The basis of calculation here is the company headquarters in Krefeld.
    • Calculation as follows: Krefeld - venue - Krefeld
    • 0,40 Euro net per kilometre driven.
    • If the shoeshine artist is booked outside Germany, additional costs may be incurred. (Visa fees, flight, toll or other fees).
  • What are the costs for the shoe shiner?

    This is individual because several criteria play a role and must therefore always be requested. The easiest way to do this is via our form. It depends on the following points, for example:

    • How many shoeshine boys do you need ?
    • Where will the event take place ?
    • For how many days will the shoeshine boy be booked ?
    • How long is the service time per day ?
    • Are special services required ?
  • How is the shoeshine boy dressed?

    The shoeshine boy and the equipment are designed in the style of the "20s - 50s". Our homepage pictures correspond to what you will get at your event.

    You can have the shoeshine boy once in "Street Worker Style":
    (long trousers made of wool, braces, worker's shirt, woollen cap, matching shoes)

    or in "Golf Style":
    (knickerbockers (three-quarter trousers), matching shirt and shoes and a slider cap)

    or in the "Butler Style of the 20's - 50's:
    (long black trousers, white shirt with patricide collar, black waistcoat, bow tie and black shoes).

    Of course, the shoeshine boy can also act according to your wishes or in your company outfit - design.

    We will be happy to advise you and respond to your wishes.

  • Which care products are used?

    The shoe shiner only uses premium products from renowned manufacturers.

    • high quality cleaning brushes
    • high quality human hair polishing brushes
    • high quality polishing cloths
    • high quality shoe polish and emulsions
  • What is the shoelace service?

    For an additional charge, defective laces can be replaced during shoe care, if necessary. We only use high-quality laces from well-known manufacturers.

  • What is the Daily Newspaper / Magazine Service?

    For an additional charge, we bring along the latest daily newspapers and magazines, which the customer can read free of charge during shoe care.

  • Is it possible to change location during the event?

    Yes a quick change of location in the same room and on the same level is possible at any time. The changeover takes approx. 25 minutes. (Free of charge)

    All other conversions require more time and are subject to a charge.